Agility and adaptability

All our solutions are based on agile, flexible and adaptive designs to respond quickly to any possible improvements.

Quality and simplicity

Our mission is to make your life easier, this by developing simple and intuitive ergonomic interfaces, we work hard so that you haven't to do it.

Technicality and expertise

Our teams are constantly being trained in order to follow technological developments in order to serve you with the latest IT innovations.

Creativity and innovation

We listen to you, we analyze your needs and we design the optimal solution that will best meet your expectations.

Talk about your project with an expert

We put one of our experts at your disposal to develop the optimal solution for your problem. Contact us:

+237 222 223 691

Our Services

Palais de la Micro's teams have a wealth of expertise in application development and management science. This expertise, in IT and management, allows us to offer our customers business solutions, applications and tailor-made improvements that perfectly meet their needs while respecting current standards and requirements.

With 25 years of experience in IT solutions integration, the experts at the Palais de la Micro have developed a methodology and services to quickly and efficiently support clients in the configuration and management of the implementation of IT solutions.

At the request of our customers, we carry out a complete inspection of their IT equipments: hardware status, software inventory, network architecture, security levels, general performance indicators, etc. This inspection allows us to know your needs perfectly in order to offer you a set of recommendations on the management of your projects and the optimization of your ITs and its security and thus to ensure all of our installation and configuration services. of our applications as efficiently as possible.

Our specialties

Some achievements

The 4 flagship projects, carried out in recent months. Each of the projects has a description.


Platform for the management of the activities (Medical, administrative and accounting) of a dental office, with production of reports and statistics.


Management platform for electrical network equipment and interruptions, with production of performance indicators (END, SAIDI, SAIFI, ...).


Project reporting management platform for companies with dashboard, statistics and performance indicators


Family wardrobe management platform, weekly looking, and clothing assistance

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