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Software editor, service integrator, digital transformation consultant.


At the request of our customers, we carry out a complete inspection of their IT equipment: hardware status, software inventory, network architecture, security levels, general performance indicators, etc. This inspection allows us to know your needs perfectly in order to offer you a set of recommendations on the management of your project and the optimization of your IT and it security and thus to ensure all of our installation and configuration services. of our applications as efficiently as possible.

Development, audit, web consulting

During your market research and the development of your business plan, le Palais de la Micro advises you to optimize the chances of success of your project. We will guarantee that your project is built in accordance with the Web Ecosystem. We design and develop your management tools associated with your business processes on web technologies (ASP.net, PHP, Javascript, WebDev, Python, JSP, Angular). Need a business application, a tailor-made application, a computer dashboard, an input form or even to create an intranet or manage your data flow? These tools have no secrets for us. We have the skills to bring your project to fruition with you.

Specific development

Do you want to develop your company by computerizing your business processes? Does your project have specific functionalities? Do you need to create an intranet, database, custom application, IT gateway or even a collaborative solution? Make an appointment to present your needs to us. If no solution already exists, we will suggest that you develop a tool that meets your expectations. We suggest that you create an IT gateway between your different tools in order to gain efficiency or even develop a collaborative solution for your projects and thus centralize your information in order to optimize your results.

Integration of solutions

Our project teams ensure continuity in the implementation, deployment and support of solutions, eliminating the need to call on a third party at any stage of the process. Le Palais de la Micro has a wide range of solutions in the field of technical infrastructure. From the workstation to the server, via the network to unified communication, we bring you the solutions. Le Palais de la Micro guides its customers in the deployment of their software. In order to guarantee the performance and sustainability of user assistance systems, Le Palais de la Micro practices permanent technological watch and establishes privileged partnerships with the main publishers of IT solutions. Expert integration engineers know how to adapt to the environment and interconnect solutions with customer infrastructure. Whether preserving the tools in place or installing a new solution, Le Palais de la Micro offers personalized support.

Maintenance and technical support

When acquiring a solution from Le Palais de la Micro, the client obtains complete training on the modules purchased and free maintenance for the first six months. With a single click, the user can open the anomalies registers window found in all applications and send the complaint or error message directly to our development team, which deals with anomalies in order of priority. More, Le Palais de la Micro provides you with an annual maintenance contract and a team of experienced technicians and developers who answer your questions by phone, skype or email and perform interventions remotely or on site. Through maintenance contracts, our customers can benefit from assistance with the installation and use of our management software, obtain updates and information on the functionality of applications and the means of optimizing and take advantage of one preventive visit per quarter (remotely or on site).

System and data conversions

One of the most important services offered by our company is the conversion of systems and data. This service allows the recovery and conversion of data from your previous systems in order to integrate and unite them in a single system. This operation allows you to have consistency and homogeneity of all your data. More, we can set up interfaces to integrate data from our application with other third-party applications.





Webs developments.


Specifics developments.


Integration of solutions.


Maintenance and technical support.


Data systems conversion.

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